Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Halloween at the Haunted Mansion!!


OK, this post is like super outdated.
Was suppose to be post out like 3 months back? haha. But oh well i'll just still blog about it. I dont want mylife chapter to be just skip of like that. so yes.

Halloween party at my darling Doreen's Mansion. :p

So picture's will do the talking alright? Make it fast and short.

Outside the entrance of her house.
Everybody have to drink a taquila shot before going in.. LOL.

Jacklyn And I.
"Hello Kitty Girl"
(They are grounded for halloween)

Me and Doreen Darling~
"The Hot Sexy Chef"

Kimee yap!
"The Goody sleeping wear girl girl"

Another cheetah girl? i spot at the paarty...

MY TAIL!! :p

There's a DJ in the house YoOo!!

Aiks.. Creepy halloween deco's.


Played some games.. :)

Doreen's elder sister. Pauline low. :)

HAHAHAHA!! XD Both nothing to do..

Matching Manicure's teehee. CHEETAH POWER!! RAWR!! :P


Mel lim.


The Girls once again... Those were the times~

The Toilet. Bloody creepy..

Injection Shot's! Drink Drank Drunk baby!

All getting drunk lol!!

DOWN! at darling doreen's lovely toilet hahaha!

After that went to phuture for second round!
YEAH the party dont stop NoOo!! OooOh OoooOH!

Junie lau ~ :p
"Sexy sailor"

Leogean.. was there too.